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Trip Hanstholm Eric

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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During my ankle injury (little fractures talus, ligaments), my boyfriend took me on a trip to Hanstholm. I was just released of my crutches and it was actually pretty nice hanging out all day and being out of the hous...

Another Winter on Oléron

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Well, with about a ton of GB of footage, my hard drive was about to explode. I had to sort out all these rushes. Most of them show just a few minutes of ride, because of the rain or coldness it's not always an easy th...

Fuerte Shredit 14.1

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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The first Shredit featuring UK freestylers Adam Sims, Alex Mitchell and Oscar Carmichael. Totally shot and edited on the iPhone and during the first two days. Another 60-something to go...

Kauli Seadi Windsurf latitude ZERO

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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Kauli Seadi Windsurf latitude ZERO

Adam Gavriel – Windsurfing Eilat June 2014

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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Adam Gavriel - ISR111 Freestyle windsurfing Eilat , Israel June 2014 Sponsors: QTP ( & ) Blenders Israel ( ) Sailloft Maui Ultra Fins Music...

Federico Infantino Ita 999 – Indonesia Bali 2014

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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Team Rider Federico Infantino in Bali Indonesia 2014 Quiksilver , Quatro Board , Goya Sail , MaverX Mast , MFC Hawaii , Al360 Boom , Flymount, Mare Sport Imperia

My training season in Maui with my new Gear, Ricardo Campello

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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A little clip trying my New boards and sails in hawaii for the first time! Patrik Boards and Point7 sails

Marcilio Browne, Gran Canaria 2014

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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Marcilio Browne's one week trip to Gran Canaria

The 2014 BONAIRE PWA World Cup

Pubblicato da 1 month fa

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Mens Winners final Elimination 1 - Kiri Thode faced Steven Van Broeckhoven in the final of the first elimination here at Bonaire. Thode taking first with Broeckhoven finishing second, in what turned out to be a very c...

Pistol River Wave Bash

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Levi Siver wins at the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash Day three at the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash will go down as one of the most impressive contest days the US west coast has ever seen. The action across all...

Step 1: Australia

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Raffi in Australia, short clip about an awsome time. Check out my webpage at Music Credits: Milky Chance: Down by the River

Sarah in West Australia 2014

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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I spent 6 weeks in West Australia windsurfing at Coronation beach, sunsets, and Margaret River. We visited Esperance but weren't lucky enough to score the conditions there. Thanks to Col Leonhardt for the helicopter f...

Philip Köster on Gran Canaria

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Have filmed for 3 days, lots of waveriding on gran canaria. camera: jorge vera

Loving my Winter – María Andrés

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Music: Thao & Mirah, "Little Cup" Edition: Emilio Galindo Barquín Footage: Valentin Böckler, Emi and Güabe Team, the subjective views come from the K4 Harness Mount and the helicopter angle, from the Gun Sails P...

Moulay Bouzertoun Morocco May 2014

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Dedicato a chi partirà tra poco! Wave action at Moulay Morocco with the usual cast.

First year in Sardinia, Riccardo Marca

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Hi guys. "First year in Sardinia" is my new video. I realized it by myself thanks to all my friend that filmed me. Now i live in Sardinia, i moved here only for train windsurfing. I live in Sant'Antioco, a really win...

“Challenging March 2014″ by José Romero E-45

Pubblicato da 2 months fa

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Windsurf summary of March 2014 ~ Challengersails Team ~ King Hogar event (Las Palmas de GC) Spots: Pozo Izquierdo (windsurf) and El Circo (surf) - Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Tourists of The Sea: Pismo, California

Pubblicato da 3 months fa

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Episode three for the Tourists of the Sea. Windsurfing, discovery, fun, photos, stopping the car in the middle of the road to take pictures, that is the joy of being a tourist. The boys find a sweet little sailing spo...

El Medano. Last resort…?

Pubblicato da 3 months fa

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Short film about windsurfing in El Medano on Tenerife - one of the Canary Islands. Featuring: Alex Mussolini, Daniel Bruch, Giacomo Venturini, Nico Akgazciyan , Andre Ludewig,, Mark Hosegood, Frank SurfCabezo, Windsu...

Sa Barra Contest

Pubblicato da 3 months fa

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A short clip about the Sa Barra Freestyle Contest - Episode II (year 2014). Rossel Bertoldo won the contest beating Mattia Fabrizi (2°) and Stefanino Lorioli (3°). Giovanni Passani is the Junior Contest and Super Sess...

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