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    Windsurfing Duo With Juien Mas & Sam Esteve

    Sam Esteve & Julien Mas having another Windsurf duo on the flatest spot in the world. Julien Mas & Sam Esteve met in Crete and start a new concept “Windsurfing Syncro” We know them for spectacular moves in windsurf freestyle and tow-in You will see on this short clip what they are able to do […]

    16 Aprile 2018

    Margaret River WA – Federico Infantino That’s Surf West 2018

    La mia stagione quest’anno è iniziata nei migliori dei modi: Fine Settembre 2017, dopo anni di lavoro e documenti riesco finalmente ad applicare per ottenere il visto Australiano Permanente ( in attesa di approvazione ), il progetto film That’s Surf West era finito dopo 2 anni e mezzo di riprese,viaggi ed editing, la mia testa […]

    16 Aprile 2018

    Morocco Spot X Men’s Pro Final

    Berk Yalgin’s edit of the men’s final in Moulay at the Morocco Spot X event.  Congratulations to all riders!  1st: Antoine Martin 2nd: Morgan Noireaux 3rd: Boujmaa Guilloul

    8 Aprile 2018

    Two days in Portugal

    Heading to Portugal just for two days with the forecast under your belt is a great idea… Non stop waves! Music: Frank Zappa “Blessed Relief” Edition: Emi Galindo Footage: Huge thanks to Rafa from BizarrosChannel for filming the whole thing! Location: Portugal

    21 Febbraio 2018

    Maui 2017 – Fede Infantino Ita-999

    Maui 2017 – Fede Infantino Ita-999 After 3 years Federico Infantino is back in Maui for the Aloha Classic and the Worldwide premiere of his Film That’s Surf West presented by Elii Design editing by Federico Infantino camera by Elisa Mariani  Andrea Franchini Adele Frola

    10 Gennaio 2018


    You can’t always choose the names you pick up, and are known by, throughout the years of your life. But you can choose what you do to earn them. Its been a wonderful season of transition and growth. Autumn winds swept through my life and gently landed me in 2nd place at the Aloha Classic! […]

    7 Dicembre 2017


    Every winter is time when most of the windsurfers spend time chasing the wind on warm places. Cape Town is a unique place where you have a vast variety of conditions for windsurfing. Like every year Steven spent the winter in Cape Town, explore new spots and improved his skills in all conditions. Check out […]

    20 Novembre 2017


    The tittle of this clip sums up my summer perfectly: it was an intense summer and I pushed my limits on the doubles. I crashed a lot, so the consequences were being dizzy and having pain on my back and head. The clip shows footage from Gran Canaria and my home spot Pals. Sadly, I […]

    17 Novembre 2017

    Summer session 2017

    ADRIEN BOSSON Filming & editing Christallèn Schmitt – Movie maker

    7 Novembre 2017