Margaret River WA – Federico Infantino That’s Surf West 2018

    La mia stagione quest’anno è iniziata nei migliori dei modi: Fine Settembre 2017, dopo anni di lavoro e documenti riesco finalmente ad applicare per ottenere il visto Australiano Permanente ( in attesa di approvazione ), il progetto film That’s Surf West era finito dopo 2 anni e mezzo di riprese,viaggi ed editing, la mia testa […]

    16 Aprile 2018

    Two days in Portugal

    Heading to Portugal just for two days with the forecast under your belt is a great idea… Non stop waves! Music: Frank Zappa “Blessed Relief” Edition: Emi Galindo Footage: Huge thanks to Rafa from BizarrosChannel for filming the whole thing! Location: Portugal

    21 Febbraio 2018


    Every winter is time when most of the windsurfers spend time chasing the wind on warm places. Cape Town is a unique place where you have a vast variety of conditions for windsurfing. Like every year Steven spent the winter in Cape Town, explore new spots and improved his skills in all conditions. Check out […]

    20 Novembre 2017

    Summer in Paradise

    Summer in Baja’s wave sailing paradise, Punta San Carlos!

    11 Ottobre 2017

    Cold Hawaii 2017

    Pierre Frémion at Klitmoller & Hanstholm, Summer 2017.

    10 Ottobre 2017

    Dear Iceland

    Island – Amazing landscapes and incredible windsurfing conditions. Starring Thomas Traversa F3 et Jules Denel F41 – © Sylvain Bourlard

    6 Ottobre 2017

    Cape Town 2017 – Flo Ragossnig

    A little late but actually on time to tune in for the upcoming Cape Town madness this winter. Unfortunately I did not have so much footage (as usual because I’m too lazy putting the cams everywhere) but luckily Mr. Adam Sims himself spent some time filming and flying the drone. Cheers bru! I also wanna […]

    4 Ottobre 2017

    Bolonia: Day of the winter

    One of the best port tack days we had this winter at home, Cadiz at his best! Music: The Pineapple Thief “What Have We Sown” Edition: Emi Galindo Footage: Huge thanks to Perspective Prod, Fura Photography, Ale Vasa and Jose María Alba for filming Cover pic: Fish Bowl Diaries Locations: Bolonia and Caños, Cádiz

    20 Settembre 2017

    Wissant On Fire 2

    Wissant is just one of the best Wave Spots reachable by car. From the middle of Germany. Wissant is situated between Cap Griz Nez and Cap Blanc Nez on the Cote d´Opal west of Calais. On big days Wissant locals – surely the one of the best windsurfers in France and beyond – giving an impression […]

    19 Settembre 2017

    Do What You Love #2

    Sometimes, windsurfing is about the performance, but most of the time it is about having a good time with friends. Every trip is an adventure, this time Thomas Traversa travelled to Mozambique with fellow windsurfer Jules Denel and they obviously had a great time exploring the coastline of the country. // Footage by Korniel Cools  […]

    14 Settembre 2017