Fuerteventura ’15

Fuerteventura ’15

I travelled to Fuerteventura a few weeks ago to video some of the guys during the PWA event. It was nice for a change to film some freestyle and slalom footage. It wasn’t easy, I won’t lie. The wind just never stops down in the south, the days are long and the sun is really strong making it not ideal for filming. In the Lagoon I even had to give my camera bag to Nic to put on his back and windsurf across while I swam with the tripod above by head like it was a rifle. Eventually it made me pretty sick but the footage did look great making it worth it in the end.

Compared to wave sailing it is a different vibe. I found the slalom sailors very focused and the freestylers are very inspirational in their approach to windsurfing, although timekeeping might not have been their strongest suit. Off the water they are all a really nice group of guys who were a pleasure to hang out with.

Artist: Odesza
Track: ’Keep Her Close’

Artist: DJ Proof
Track: ’One Day’

Filmed / Edit: Jamie Hancock

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