March Sessions, new 2017 windsurf gear!

March Sessions, new 2017 windsurf gear!

Here’s a few from March, we had some great days both sailing and paddling!  But my excitement levels for windsurfing are above 9000 right now guys, Naish is letting me give you all the first look at the 2017 Naish windsurf gear!

Traditionally, each brand gathers photos and video throughout the Spring season on Maui, then, sometime in the Fall, we release.  Which means trying to keep a secret for 6 months until we start selling the new stuff!   This year, however, we can’t hold it in!

This is an especially big deal for me personally.  Since signing with Naish, I’ve been working on overhauling the entire wavesailing collection with a genius team!  Nils Rosenblad on the Force sails, 5 batten down to 3 batten. Michi Schweiger shaping the new “Hardline” and “Global” boards.  Testing them all with Kai Lenny and Robby Naish himself.  I feel so good about this project, and all the amazing equipment we’ve put together.  The future looks so bright, I can’t wait for 2017, and hey! I don’t have to!

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