St.Ives Harbour, Jamie Hancock – Cornwall

St.Ives Harbour, Jamie Hancock – Cornwall

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“I’ve never windsurfed at the harbour wall in St. Ives and i’m not sure many have. It is so rare to get the right wind, swell and tide combo, this day had a solid 7.5m swell forecasted with howling NW winds. We were up and ready for first light only to see it about 2ft, raining and not very good at all. As soon as the tide turned though and started to push it kept getting better and better with a 45 minute window of fun sailing. Perseverance won.

The wind was about 50 knots and as gusty as it gets from blowing over St.Ives town and it kept changing direction along with the swell direction throughout the various state of tide. It was only me, PWA head judge and local Duncan Coombes and Thorny the electrician out on the water. We had a lot of fun and was lucky enough to have my girlfriend to thanks for filming. In the background is the venue for where the Red Bull Storm Chase took place, Cornwall truly is an incredible place.”

Filmed: Rebecca Ashton
Location: St. Ives, Cornwall
Date: March 2014

Artist: Glass Animals
Track: ‘Cocoa Hooves’

Edited: Jamie Hancock

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