Adam Sims

    Cheers Mate Ep.3 – African Surfari

    One year later and it’s back to Namibia, this time an organised Surfari took us not just to the spots we knew but much further into the depths of Africa. Things didn’t quite go to plan as the wind was less than ideal, either gusting near 70 knots or nothing at all, there were just […]

    22 Marzo 2016


    A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana. Adam Sims, Riccardo Marca, Adi Beholz

    26 Febbraio 2016

    10yearsOn, Adam Sims and Max Rowe

    Sitting down with Max at his summer home-spot of Club Vass we both realised it was 10 years ago, give or take a little, that we got into freestyle windsurfing. So without wasting too much time on lifestyle, this is how it looks 10yearsON. Enjoy the action, enjoy the ride, enjoy life. See you on […]

    4 Settembre 2015

    Fuerte Shredit 15.1​

    Featuring Adam Sims & Oscar Carmichael Follow: Adam Sims – for more. Oscar Carmichael – Sponsors (Adam): Patrik Diethelm, Sailloft Hamburg, XPLG, Flymount, Crossfit Pantheon, Nixe Bier, BR Fins Sponsors (Oscar): Fanatic, North, Ion, K66 Surf Division, Flymount

    29 Giugno 2015

    Fuerte ShrEdit 14.2

    Finally got to upload ShrEdit 14.2 after a week on Lanzarote with no wind and virtually no internet connection! This one was made and ready last week and a new one will drop in a few days. Don’t miss the first one if you haven’t watched it already, it will help make sense of this […]

    14 Luglio 2014

    Fuerte Shredit 14.1

    The first Shredit featuring UK freestylers Adam Sims, Alex Mitchell and Oscar Carmichael. Totally shot and edited on the iPhone and during the first two days. Another 60-something to go…

    30 Giugno 2014

    Lunchbreak 10.0

    Il ponte di Vienna si trasforma spesso in uno spot freestyle mooolto frequentato!!

    4 Giugno 2012