Alessio Stillrich

    El Hierro – Gran Canaria, and back

    After a long and windy summer I decided to take a week of together with my girlfriend. We headed to the smallest of the Canary Islands called El Hierro. In the beginning of september the wind in Pozo usually disappears completely after blowing every day for 3 month. This year it was still not over. […]

    12 Settembre 2017

    Scaling New Heights – Alessio Stillrich

    Alessio Stillrich shows his bouncebackability to instantly respond from the lows of Pozo to scale new heights in Tenerife… Read more @ PWA World Windsurfing

    1 Settembre 2017

    2 days in Denmark – Alessio Stillrich

    Footage from two sessions at Hanstholm and some spread clips from the super session final of the Kia Cold Hawaii at Klitmoller in which I got second.

    21 Settembre 2015

    From Monday Till Sunday

    Un film sulla passione per il windsurf. I riders parlano delle differenze tra i paesi e la passione per questo sport, che sarà visualizzata spiegata attraverso dialoghi, azione di alta livello e filmati immersi nella natura. IL film ci guida attraverso la Germania, Bonaire e le Canarie. Jonas Ceballos (protaginista principale) chiude il film con […]

    14 Novembre 2009