Cape Town


    Every winter is time when most of the windsurfers spend time chasing the wind on warm places. Cape Town is a unique place where you have a vast variety of conditions for windsurfing. Like every year Steven spent the winter in Cape Town, explore new spots and improved his skills in all conditions. Check out […]

    20 Novembre 2017

    Cape Town 2017 – Flo Ragossnig

    A little late but actually on time to tune in for the upcoming Cape Town madness this winter. Unfortunately I did not have so much footage (as usual because I’m too lazy putting the cams everywhere) but luckily Mr. Adam Sims himself spent some time filming and flying the drone. Cheers bru! I also wanna […]

    4 Ottobre 2017

    CT Stories – EP. 1, Graham Ezzy

    The first, maybe the last, of a short insight into a few sessions in Cape Town. First up, Graham Ezzy on the west coast… Entirely filmed within an hour on a windy evening in Cape Town. From the shore it looked great but in reality it was pretty much un-sailable. There was a lot of […]

    23 Gennaio 2016

    The Sunsets Made in SA

    My new video The Sunsets Made in SA, is not only a windsurf movie, but is a small part of my special moments in that wonderful place… Have Fun and Thanks for watching ­čÖé CIAO… ANDREA MARIOTTI

    4 Giugno 2015

    South Africa 2.0, Bastien Rama

    Hello Everybody , Here is my last shortclip the number 14 . This year I went to South Africa , Cape Town for three weeks. I joined Adrien Bosson there. conditions were good, but not as good as we hope. We were able to enjoy good days of wind. A big thank you to our […]

    2 Marzo 2015

    “KAK” – Maciek Rutkowski

    “Kak means shit in Afrikaans. They use it for absolutely everything and every second sentence. So it’s not that I think this edit is shit, the word just stuck and I love the sound of it. It’s so much more playful than “shit” or “crap”. And that’s what this trip was about for me. Playing. […]

    7 Gennaio 2015

    Cape Town shortclip

    7 weeks of killing, slaying, blasting, riding waves in the early windsurf season of South Africa. The first time we were in Cape Town, but definitely not the last! It was a journey rich on experiences, new friendships and lots and lots of windsurf! Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederiksen

    22 Dicembre 2014


    We all dream. Sometimes less sometimes more. Everybody knows the feeling of sitting in bed just after opening the eyes and wondering if you are in the real world or another dimension right now. IMAGINARIUM gives you an inside view of the mind of professional windsurfer Max Matissek and pictures some of the imaginations he […]

    8 Maggio 2014