Cape Town

    Cape Town South Africa, Heleen Muijsers

    Last winter I traveled to one of the worlds most famous windsurfing destinations. While riding some beautiful waves in the South Atlantic Ocean, pulling myself into some forwards and back loops a dream came true. The stunning lakes close to Cape Town provided us some loving freestyle conditions to enjoy and learn some new freestyle […]

    1 Aprile 2014

    This is Philip Köster

    Check out this little clip of Philip windsurfing during our photo shoots in Cape Town and Maui. Footage by Elliot Leboe and Jason Hearn

    14 Novembre 2013

    Not Another Cape Town Clip

    Here is a clip of Cape Town, South Africa, 2013. Ross Williams is testing and developing the Gaastra 2014 R&D sails. Filmed/edited by Fatima Ghiaba

    17 Maggio 2013

    Outage 2

    A short cape town windsurf clip

    18 Aprile 2013


    MY CAPE TOWN is a product of over two months of on and off filming in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, South Africa in the summer of 2013. We were aiming at capturing the unique golden African sunset which gives this amazing look in the video. The filming was very demanding as the light […]

    17 Aprile 2013

    Blue Rides – Cape Town 2k12 Great impression of an amazing trip to where the wind and waves are… Cape Town. Pure GoPro pictures to give you ideas for taking pictures with this coole tool. Rider & Cam: Dani Edit:  Matthias Marx

    15 Marzo 2013

    Jonas in South Africa 2013

    An amazing video of Jonas ripping it up in Cape Town this winter, great to see GoPro and water footage, amazing upwind 360s, massive backloops, takas and more… more on his blog :

    1 Marzo 2013

    Cape Town January 2013 actionmovie!

    Riceviamo da Maxim De Buck il suo video report di tre settimane a Cape Town Rider: Maxim De Buck Spots: Sunset, Milnerton, Bigbay, Melkbos. Used gear: Witchcraft wave v3.0 77l HDD with Naish Boxers 4.0, 4.7 and 5.4

    5 Febbraio 2013