Denmark in December

    It’s rugged but it’s beautiful. It’s raw but it’s peaceful. The people and places of the Northern Coastline make Denmark a site to be seen. Since my first trip in 2010 I’ve dreamt of returning. I finally had the chance to go back this past December only to have the reality exceed the limits of […]

    25 Gennaio 2016

    2 days in Denmark – Alessio Stillrich

    Footage from two sessions at Hanstholm and some spread clips from the super session final of the Kia Cold Hawaii at Klitmoller in which I got second.

    21 Settembre 2015


      Windsurf action at Hanstholm 2014 Location: Hanstholm, Denmark Spots: Hanstholm, Middles and Hamborg.

    15 Ottobre 2014

    Markus Rydberg, Pod #1 December

    This is there first video in a podcast project together with Markus Rydberg, where we monthly will release a new pod showing what Markus have done the previous weeks. This one shows action and lifestyle from his December in Sweden 2013. Markus: 2013 was a good year for me. I did get my best result […]

    13 Gennaio 2014

    Klitten 2012

    Il team Francese a Klitmoller, Denmark. Thomas Traversa, Jules Denel, Antoine Martin!

    31 Ottobre 2012

    PWA Klitmøller 2011, LIVE

    Philip Köster si aggiudica la tappa PWA di Klitmøller, davanti a Ricardo Campello e Victor Fernandez, vincendo così il suo primo titolo mondiale Wave. Ecco la registrazione della SuperSession!! PWA di Klitmøller – Cold Hawaii.

    12 Settembre 2011

    Spring Season DK

    Report di un surf trip nel nord della Danimarca…tre giorni di fila, più di quindici ore in acqua!

    7 Giugno 2011

    V01 & V111 in Denmark

    Ancora riprese da Klitmoller con Campello e lo straordinario Gollito che si spara monster shaka, double forword con il freestyle!!

    24 Settembre 2010