Dieter van der Eyken

    Summer Sessions 2017, Dieter Van der Eyken

    Past summer on the canaries was really good again. I didn’t get as much filmed as I hoped but in the end got enough to put this little clip together. No scenery but just action from pretty much the first till the last second! Hope you like it and gets you ready for your next […]

    29 Settembre 2017

    Australia 2014 Rick & Dieter

    Rick Jendrusch (H-120) and his last trip to Australia together with Dieter Van der Eyken B35

    23 Febbraio 2015

    Australia 2013 – 2014 from Dieter Van der Eyken

    Here is a clip of my trip to Western Australia last winter, I travelled around for 2,5 months together with my girlfriend and had one of my best trips till now, seeing a lot of the nature and have plenty of hours on the water! I hope you like the clip and get a more […]

    28 Luglio 2014

    Bonaire 2013 Dieter Van der Eyken

    In the beginning of February straight after my exames I left to Bonaire for 7 weeks, I scored 6 goods weeks with great wind and could sail really a lot! Sebastian Godsmark from SBG productions putted all the footage together and made this nice clip from it! Thanks a lot to all the guys for […]

    1 Agosto 2013

    warm up Fuerteventura

    PWA riders warming up Editing: s3one Filming: Christian Birri, Loick Spicher, Balz Müller, s3one Featuring: Gollito Estredo Tonky Frans Steven Van Broeckhoven Adam Gavriel Loick Spicher Balz Müller Kiri Thode Marco Lufen Davy Scheffers Christian Birri Max Matissek Deivis Paternina Teran Antony Ruenes Sarah -Quita Offringa Adrien Bosson Dieter Van der Eyken Oliver Stauffacher Music: […]

    24 Luglio 2013

    Dieter van der Eyken & Rick Jendrusch in Brazil 2013

    Locals Dieter van der Eyken and Rick Jendrusch went togheter to Soa miguel do Gostoso in Brazil! They trained a lot on al the new moves fo the upcoming season! Check it out and watch the action! Do you think they ar ready for the PWA here in Holland? Special thanks to Ruben van der […]

    8 Aprile 2013

    PWA Fuerteventura 2011

    Primo giorno di gara al PWA di Fuerteventura. Youp Schmit, Steven van Broeckhoven, Phil Soltysiak, Kiri Thode, Quincy Offringa, Taty Frans, Dieter van der Eyken e Gollito Estredo si sono qualificati tra gli uomini e Yoli de Brendt, Laure Treboux, Arrianne Aukes e Sarah-Quita Offringa si contenderanno i primi quattro posti tra le donne.

    24 Luglio 2011