Two hours at Carro

    Loick Lesauvage F780 Spot: Carro 19/04/15 Music: Chill Bump – Pointerlude

    18 Maggio 2015

    Back, Loick Lesauvage

    Loick Lesauvage back on the water. The 15-years old seems to be on fire. Remember the name – definitely one of the most talented young guns out there.

    9 Marzo 2015

    Waiting January

    http://vimeo.com/111636822 Waiting January is my last video before January because during my last session on my homespot I injured my foot. Spot: Carro (08 & 12 October) Training port tack Music: Chill Bump – Lost in the sound MS MR – Fantasy Loick Lesauvage F780

    17 Novembre 2014