Gran Canaria


    The tittle of this clip sums up my summer perfectly: it was an intense summer and I pushed my limits on the doubles. I crashed a lot, so the consequences were being dizzy and having pain on my back and head. The clip shows footage from Gran Canaria and my home spot Pals. Sadly, I […]

    17 Novembre 2017

    El Hierro – Gran Canaria, and back

    After a long and windy summer I decided to take a week of together with my girlfriend. We headed to the smallest of the Canary Islands called El Hierro. In the beginning of september the wind in Pozo usually disappears completely after blowing every day for 3 month. This year it was still not over. […]

    12 Settembre 2017

    LOCK and LOAD

    Brawzinho had some time on his hands before, during, and after the competition in Pozo, Gran Canaria. He used it to get some fresh air and try some new moves.

    27 Luglio 2015

    A windy week in Gran Canaria

    At the end of February we had probably one of the best 2 weeks I ever had here in Gran Canaria. I used 3.7 more than any other sail! A light wind day was when I could sail on the 4.0. However the best part were the waves, with without a doubt the best riding […]

    27 Marzo 2015


    Bengy, from Gran Canaria. 18 years old.

    29 Ottobre 2014

    GRAVITY – Daniell Bohnhof

    If you see a photographer standing on the beach shooting some of the worlds best athletes you won´t expect him to practice moves like them, just minutes after he put the camera down. Daniell Bohnhof from Gran Canaria is one of the very few photographers who knows how it feels up there during a high […]

    6 Settembre 2014

    POZO IZQUIERDO, Loick Lesauvage F780

    Spot: Pozo Izquierdo – Gran Canaria July 2014 Music: Bon Iver – Flume (Kulkid Remix) Footage: Gran Canaria Wind&Waves Festival Franck Lesauvage

    31 Luglio 2014

    Pozo, Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival Day 7

    A thrilling finale sees Victor Fernandez and Daida Moreno crowned the champions of Pozo. The final day of the PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival lived up to expectations as Pozo provided a full day of fantastic competition – spanning nine action packed hours – to conclude the event. By the end of the […]

    22 Luglio 2014