Gun Sails


    While training for the worldcup in Gran Canaria, we tried to work on our creative side as well while capturing some tourist action down the coast. Enjoy the short clip. from Florian Jung Captured by Leon Jamaer and Alfie hart Music by La Femme, Si un Jour Edited by Burle Production Sponsored by: Gun Sails, RRD, […]

    4 Agosto 2016


    Over the last months, my harddrive got filled up with a lot bunch of video clip from different locations.Basically this 3 minutes clip is a summary of my surf trips in Maui, Brazil and Tenerife… I specially like the slow motion watershots from Kevin Prichard and Basti Dörr. Thanks for the efforts. Enjoy. Flo Jung […]

    17 Ottobre 2013

    Nicola Spadea nuovi sponsors

    Ecco i materiali con cui Nicola Spadea affronterà la stagione 2010 dalle acque di casa a Formia ai più svariati campi di gara.

    25 Marzo 2010