Sunset Ho’okipa- Graham Ezzy

    “Despite the crowds and the choppy faces, Ho’okipa is my favorite place to windsurf in the world. It’s the sport’s Mecca but also my home. At the end of the day, the crowds thin and the waves clean up a little. Sometimes at this time the sun shines so bright as it reflects off the […]

    29 Agosto 2017

    Maui, Loïck Lesauvage

    Spot: Ho’okipa Music: Dark Bells Wildflower Thanks to all my sponsors for the support Goya Windsurfing, K4 Fins, Dakine, Barney Cools, Nexpa, ENERgiA, All in sport Beach Company

    7 Giugno 2016

    H O M E ~ with Graham

    Everyone knows the joy of coming home, wether from a long day at work or a weeklong vacation. Now imagine that home is Maui. Sit back and watch Graham Ezzy at Home. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. “I travel so much these days that I only spend about four months […]

    2 Maggio 2016

    “The Start of the Off Season”, Hookipa Action

    After the last competition of 2015 and before flying to Cape Town for winter training, I had a few weeks on Maui with nothing to focus on but fun in the waves. Luckily, I still had two basically brand-new Ezzy Elites leftover from the fall photoshoots that I did not have to give back till […]

    4 Febbraio 2016


    Recap of my sessions (Rudy Castorina) since the beginning of the year in 3 parts. Part1: Ho’okipa winter swells, favorite time of the year Part2: Beginning of paddling at Pe’ahi Part3: Summer vibes thru my eyes and around the island.

    1 Dicembre 2015

    Kauli Seadi at Hookipa

    Kauli Seadi riding Hookipa, Maui. Jump session with 99NoveNove Chamaleon and wavering Kauli style with the new KS Model. Watch the action!

    30 Novembre 2015

    Morgan Noireaux Aloha Classic win!

    Some clips of Morgan’s winning performance at the 2014 PWA Aloha Classic held on Maui the first week of November. Morgan can be seen on his Red 2014 Hot Sails Maui KS3 sail and also on his white 2015 KS3. Morgan has proven himself a master of Ho’okipa. Thanks to Jace Panebianco for the magic […]

    11 Novembre 2014

    Fede Infantino Ita – 999 Ho’okipa welcome back !

    “Eccoci qui, dopo 2 anni in giro altrove sono tornato in quello che rimane uno dei posti più belli al mondo! Questo è un breve preview dei primi giorni in acqua ad Ho’okipa dove sto testando tutte le nuove vele 2015 , tavole e tanti altri nuovi giocattoli del futuro! Grazie alla mia ragazza Elisa […]

    20 Ottobre 2014

    Dany Bruch in Chile

    After the PWA event was canceled 3 weeks before the established dates, Dany decided to go to Chile anyway to find out what sort of conditions could be found there. Over 5.400 kilometers up and down the coast of Chile, he had the chance to see some stunning landscapes and meet great people. Great surf […]

    9 Gennaio 2014