Jamie Hancock

    Cape Town 2016 – 4K

    Filmed during early 2016 in wonderful Cape Town. I hurt my back during the trip so focused on following some of the GA / Tabou team riders. I also spent every penny to my name on some new drone equipment and got to learn the ropes with the super talented Julien Robinet from Broke Bloke […]

    19 Maggio 2016

    CT Stories – EP. 1, Graham Ezzy

    The first, maybe the last, of a short insight into a few sessions in Cape Town. First up, Graham Ezzy on the west coast… Entirely filmed within an hour on a windy evening in Cape Town. From the shore it looked great but in reality it was pretty much un-sailable. There was a lot of […]

    23 Gennaio 2016

    Fuerteventura ’15

    I travelled to Fuerteventura a few weeks ago to video some of the guys during the PWA event. It was nice for a change to film some freestyle and slalom footage. It wasn’t easy, I won’t lie. The wind just never stops down in the south, the days are long and the sun is really […]

    19 Agosto 2015

    PWA Poland Indoor

    It was a real privilege to have been part of the Poland indoor event and making it into the jump finals. When I wasn’t in the pool I did my best to capture the boys (and girl) enjoy their time in the Warsaw stadium. Soo happy to get to work with such an amazing team. […]

    8 Settembre 2014

    St.Ives Harbour, Jamie Hancock – Cornwall

    Finisterre are based in the heart of Cornwall. They produce the best products I have ever worn and have been nothing but supportive with everything i’ve been up to. Please take the time to check them out finisterreuk.com “I’ve never windsurfed at the harbour wall in St. Ives and i’m not sure many have. It […]

    26 Marzo 2014

    Cornwall by Jamie Hancock

    It felt a bit strange filming the guys at this years Cornwall BWA event after winning the event in the previous two years. But with breaking my leg back in august i’ve been making the most of getting behind the lens. Last year I sneaked past Phil on the final day of competition to take […]

    6 Novembre 2013

    Yorkshire Pudding

    When North and North West winds hit the UK it normally means onshore conditions in Cornwall and offshore on the South Coast. However if the Isobars stack up along the East Coast then these strong North Winds can quickly churn up the North Sea pushing swell all the way down the East Coast from Bamburgh […]

    21 Ottobre 2013

    Outer Hebrides – Jamie Hancock

    In Spring this year I travelled with Ross, Jack and Timo to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish outer hebrides. We camped, it was cold, and the sailing was tricky. The swell was too big for the bay forecasting 22 -25 foot, providing some pretty gnarly rips and closeout sets. We also had nobody […]

    14 Ottobre 2013

    What about PWA Tenerife 2011?

    Wow…un bel video che riprende le “seconde” linee del PWA a El Medano, Tenerife….Alex Mussolini (Spain), Ross Williams (UK), Jamie Hancock (UK), Thomas Traversa (France).

    28 Luglio 2011

    Session a Kimmeridge by UMI

    Ultimo video prodotto dalla Umi Pictures: Jamie Hancock e Timo Mullen in session a Kimmeridge nel sud dell’Inghilterra.

    21 Aprile 2011
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