Jules Denel

    Wissant On Fire 2

    Wissant is just one of the best Wave Spots reachable by car. From the middle of Germany. Wissant is situated between Cap Griz Nez and Cap Blanc Nez on the Cote d´Opal west of Calais. On big days Wissant locals – surely the one of the best windsurfers in France and beyond – giving an impression […]

    19 Settembre 2017

    Do What You Love #2

    Sometimes, windsurfing is about the performance, but most of the time it is about having a good time with friends. Every trip is an adventure, this time Thomas Traversa travelled to Mozambique with fellow windsurfer Jules Denel and they obviously had a great time exploring the coastline of the country. // Footage by Korniel Cools  […]

    14 Settembre 2017

    PLAN T

    A windsurfing movie about travels and improvisation Follow Thomas Traversa on a journey through New-Zealand, Cape-Verde, Iceland, Maui, Sardinia and France. A journey that ultimately led him to the 2014 windsurfing wave world title, or why we travel and end up in places where we were not supposed to be. Gilles Calvet, travel photographer and […]

    26 Giugno 2015

    Team France in Klitmoller, PWA World Tour 2013

    Jules Denel, Antoine Martin et Thomas Traversa in Klitmoller, Denmark, during the PWA Cold Hawaii. It was the third event of the the Wave World Tour, and after a long week of waiting it all happened on the last day of competition. Antoine MARTIN 17th Jules DENEL 5th Thomas TRAVERSA 4th I inform that this […]

    4 Ottobre 2013

    Klitten 2012

    Il team Francese a Klitmoller, Denmark. Thomas Traversa, Jules Denel, Antoine Martin!

    31 Ottobre 2012

    Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2010

    Un video della seconda run del Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2010…e di seguito i risultati della competizione.

    19 Marzo 2010