Kevin Pritchard

    IWT Baja Desert Showdown 2017

    Full IWT Baja Desert Showdown video by Kevin Pritchard and Joey Sanchez in Punta San Carlos. 
    Congratulations to all winners!

    29 Agosto 2017

    “The Start of the Off Season”, Hookipa Action

    After the last competition of 2015 and before flying to Cape Town for winter training, I had a few weeks on Maui with nothing to focus on but fun in the waves. Luckily, I still had two basically brand-new Ezzy Elites leftover from the fall photoshoots that I did not have to give back till […]

    4 Febbraio 2016

    Denmark in December

    It’s rugged but it’s beautiful. It’s raw but it’s peaceful. The people and places of the Northern Coastline make Denmark a site to be seen. Since my first trip in 2010 I’ve dreamt of returning. I finally had the chance to go back this past December only to have the reality exceed the limits of […]

    25 Gennaio 2016

    Stripped, morgan Noireaux

    I was originally going to change a few things and actually spend some time editing this footage, but my hard drive broke along with any hope of doing that, haha. Here is 4 minutes of nonstop windsurfing in all it’s semi edited glory. Music: All Them Witches // Charles William Footage: Kevin Pritchard, mom

    24 Marzo 2015

    An AWT Year in 5 Minutes

    Kevin Pritchard takes you through his year on the 2014 American Windsurfing Tour. From Santa Cruz to Pistol River, Peru, Baja, Cape Hatteras, and finishing up in Maui Hawaii, Pritchard manages to win the AWT PRO Overall for 2014.

    18 Novembre 2014

    Pacasmayo Rules 2014 by Alex Vargas

    “Pacasmayo Rules” is a video that was filmed in Pacasmayo, Perú where the Chilean windsurfer Alex Vargas was training and competing in the AWT event with the perfect longest waves ever. Filmers: – Kevin Pritchard – Eswin Esgardo Aranda – Marcin Kulesza Sponsors thanks: – El Faro Adventure Resort – Radical Wave – Quatro – […]

    20 Ottobre 2014

    2014 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown Pro Mens

    Morgan Noireaux wins the AWT Quatro Desert Showdown Check out what might be some of the most epic footage ever shot from a jet ski of a windsurfer. Bennett Williams takes you on board and shows some of the speed power and turns that the riders had. Punta San Carlos, Baja delivers once again. Day […]

    25 Agosto 2014

    THESE ARE WAVES by Graham Ezzy

    This is the result of a summer of wave-chasing. My summer of 2013, to be exact. At that time, I was in the height of my competition hiatus, I didn’t have anything to do but travel around Hawaii and the west coast of North America with Kevin Pritchard finding fun waves and filming them. Most […]

    28 Luglio 2014

    Tahiti Clear – Kevin Pritchard

    Tahiti gets your heart pumping. I had been to Tahiti 4 times before. Sailed all over the island including Teahupoo. The island is amazing, the people show what the word Aloha should mean, but the water, being in this magical water is what sucks you in to this magical place. Windsurfing at Teahupoo is something […]

    21 Luglio 2014

    Tourists of The Sea: Pismo, California

    Episode three for the Tourists of the Sea. Windsurfing, discovery, fun, photos, stopping the car in the middle of the road to take pictures, that is the joy of being a tourist. The boys find a sweet little sailing spot near Pismo Beach. Check it out. A Maui Nerd Production Camera: Kevin Pritchard // […]

    22 Maggio 2014