Kiri Thode

    The 2014 BONAIRE PWA World Cup

    Mens Winners final Elimination 1 – Kiri Thode faced Steven Van Broeckhoven in the final of the first elimination here at Bonaire. Thode taking first with Broeckhoven finishing second, in what turned out to be a very close contest.

    25 Giugno 2014

    Paradise City

    At only 18, Youp’s name is already well engraved in the history of windsurfing, in part, thanks to his unique explosive yet flowing style, his charismatic personality and his multiple world youth freestyle titles. Raised on a small Caribbean island called Bonaire, known today to be amongst the most competitive in the world, this island […]

    6 Settembre 2013

    warm up Fuerteventura

    PWA riders warming up Editing: s3one Filming: Christian Birri, Loick Spicher, Balz Müller, s3one Featuring: Gollito Estredo Tonky Frans Steven Van Broeckhoven Adam Gavriel Loick Spicher Balz Müller Kiri Thode Marco Lufen Davy Scheffers Christian Birri Max Matissek Deivis Paternina Teran Antony Ruenes Sarah -Quita Offringa Adrien Bosson Dieter Van der Eyken Oliver Stauffacher Music: […]

    24 Luglio 2013

    Bust a move

    Spettacolo a Bonaire con Kiri Thode.

    14 Febbraio 2012

    PWA Fuerteventura 2011

    Primo giorno di gara al PWA di Fuerteventura. Youp Schmit, Steven van Broeckhoven, Phil Soltysiak, Kiri Thode, Quincy Offringa, Taty Frans, Dieter van der Eyken e Gollito Estredo si sono qualificati tra gli uomini e Yoli de Brendt, Laure Treboux, Arrianne Aukes e Sarah-Quita Offringa si contenderanno i primi quattro posti tra le donne.

    24 Luglio 2011

    PWA BONAIRE by Kuma!

    La tappa PWA di Bonaire si chiude con la vittoria di Kiri Thode e Sarah-Quita Offringa. Emozionanti le riprese in web streaming!

    16 Giugno 2011
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