Markus Rydberg

    The Viking Diaries #13 – Location: North

    This winter wasn’t really as epic as last years but Markus still managed to get some solid sessions under his belt. Here’s the outcome of a lot of filming together with the In To Fire & Water crew. Filmed by: Mikael Linder, Markus Rydberg and Emma Häggström

    26 Febbraio 2016

    Markus Rydberg, Pod #1 December

    This is there first video in a podcast project together with Markus Rydberg, where we monthly will release a new pod showing what Markus have done the previous weeks. This one shows action and lifestyle from his December in Sweden 2013. Markus: 2013 was a good year for me. I did get my best result […]

    13 Gennaio 2014

    Maui 2013 – Markus Rydberg

    Had a great month on Maui this spring. Not super windy but still a lot of nice sailing. Big thanks to everyone who made this a great trip! /Markus Rydberg S-313

    18 Giugno 2013

    Winter – Markus Rydberg

    A MacG Production video of Markus Rydberg, showing that no matter how cold it is, he is allways up for a windsurfing session. On these two days we were filming it was -1 to -3 degrees in the air and 0 degrees in the water… Filmed by: Gustav Häggström, Ola Häggström and Markus Rydberg. Edited […]

    28 Febbraio 2013

    Summer chillin with Markus Rydberg

    The summer in Sweden is all about having fun with your friends in light onshore winds and mushy waves… In his edit I want to show that I enjoy these conditions just as much as a big day at Hookipa! Filmed by; Emma Häggström, Gustav Häggström and Lasse Rydberg. Music: Trevor Hall – World keeps […]

    16 Gennaio 2013


    A MacG Productions video presenting Hot Sails Maui teamrider Markus Rydberg, sailing in Swedish waters, fall 2012.

    13 Novembre 2012

    Our backyard

    Video clip “Our Backyard” filmato in Svezia dal team rider Hot Sails Maui Markus Rydberg!

    2 Ottobre 2012

    Catch the wind

    Due riders svedesi, Markus Rydberg e Gustav Häggström, la scorsa settimana in Svezia negli spot di Läjet e Dalen.

    16 Agosto 2012