Max Rowe

    10yearsOn, Adam Sims and Max Rowe

    Sitting down with Max at his summer home-spot of Club Vass we both realised it was 10 years ago, give or take a little, that we got into freestyle windsurfing. So without wasting too much time on lifestyle, this is how it looks 10yearsON. Enjoy the action, enjoy the ride, enjoy life. See you on […]

    4 Settembre 2015

    Thijs Westbroek, Fuerteventura

    The Freestyle Control windsurfing fin was designing in conjunction with our pro freestyle team of Paul Zeper & Max Rowe as well as our team riders around the world. They wanted a radical fin which gave them more control in choppy water and when landing power moves. The result is the all new Freestyle Control […]

    11 Settembre 2013

    Max Rowe, Brazil 2012

    Max Rowe in Brazil. An edit from Josh Willmot, with filming from Bethany Mercer, Arrianne Aukes, James Hoare, Oscar Carmichael & Tommy “Two Pumps” Parrish.

    28 Gennaio 2013

    Max Row, Dahab – El Tur

    Max Rowe K-448 in allenamento a Dahab e El Tur (Egitto), prima della tappa PWA di Podersdorf in Austria.

    20 Maggio 2010

    Max Rowe a Vassiliki

    Windsurfing Freestyle video di Max Rowe K-448 girato quest’estate a Vassiliki, Grecia.

    22 Settembre 2009