Guincho a few days ago

    Guincho being one of the most reliable summer spots in Europe, it’s almost a routine to stop there every year. Strong wind are common, big waves not so. A few days ago I had a quick session in the evening, which was representative of the condition to be found in Guincho in july. Every summer […]

    24 Luglio 2014

    Road trippin’ ( Portugal )

    Prepare your van, hit the road and go somewhere… then try to have fun, it usually works.. this time we drove to Portugal before christmas, to discover the winter face of Lisbon. We met Thomas’ old friend and Guincho local Francisco Fonseca and shared some rides in his beautiful country! Muito obrigado Cisco!

    12 Marzo 2013

    Somewhere in Portugal

    Víctor Fernández ed il suo primo viaggio dell’anno (a gennaio 2013) destinazione Portogallo.

    5 Marzo 2013