Riccardo Marca

    Riccardo Marca in Brazil

    Hi Everyone. This is my last movie realized in Brazil during last November. It has been the first time in Brazil for me and didn’t get a day without wind. A special thanks to Gianluca from WindJeri for the help and to all my sponsors: Fanatic, North Sails, Lagoa Fins, Ion, ENErgiA. Riccardo Marca

    17 Gennaio 2017

    Cheers Mate Ep.3 – African Surfari

    One year later and it’s back to Namibia, this time an organised Surfari took us not just to the spots we knew but much further into the depths of Africa. Things didn’t quite go to plan as the wind was less than ideal, either gusting near 70 knots or nothing at all, there were just […]

    22 Marzo 2016


    A windsurf trip through Namibia and Botswana. Adam Sims, Riccardo Marca, Adi Beholz modisa.org tree-h.de adibeholz.com

    26 Febbraio 2016

    Through Europe

    Nice euoropean windsurf trip by Riccardo Marca

    15 Settembre 2015

    Summer in Greece

    Hi everybody, this is the movie that i released about my summer trip in Naxos. All the film are made in laguna beach park, the school of Stam Promponas, a Greek freestyler. A big thanks to Stam and his family for all the help, to all the guys that i met and made great my […]

    25 Agosto 2014

    Naxos freestyle 1spot 5riders 10tricks

    Freestyle party at the Island of Naxos! Summer 2014! Skopu Kono Air funnel Bob Oh flaka Funell Bob Spock culo 2 eslider Air funnel camera: Krista Vander Schaeven, Stam Promponas, Michele Tagliafico, Riccardo Marca Song: Kid Simiuss -Holla chica Riders: Riccardo Marca, Nicolo Tagliafico, Stam Promponas, Chris Loizou, Mattijs Lasore

    28 Luglio 2014

    First year in Sardinia, Riccardo Marca

    Hi guys. “First year in Sardinia” is my new video. I realized it by myself thanks to all my friend that filmed me. Now i live in Sardinia, i moved here only for train windsurfing. I live in Sant’Antioco, a really windy place. Here i can train in Windsurfing club Sa Barra, one on the […]

    26 Maggio 2014

    Sa Barra Contest

    A short clip about the Sa Barra Freestyle Contest – Episode II (year 2014). Rossel Bertoldo won the contest beating Mattia Fabrizi (2°) and Stefanino Lorioli (3°). Giovanni Passani is the Junior Contest and Super Session winner. In the Under 20 competition he beats Matteo Testa and Nicolò Tagliafico (14 years old), in the Super […]

    20 Maggio 2014

    New Life by Riccardo Marca

    Hi guys, This is my new video. I filmed it this summer in the little island of Sant’Antioco, Sardinia. I called the video ” new life” because this year i’ll live and study here , in Sant’Antioco, for training windsurf all the year, also in the winter time. I’ll stay with my best friend Giovanni […]

    25 Settembre 2013

    THE RIGHT PLACE… Giovanni Passani

    Giovanni Passani ha scelto Sa Barra. Il giovane rider romano presenta il suo nuovo video, girato interamente presso il Windsurfing Club Sa Barra di Gigi Madeddu, nell’isola di Sant’Antioco nell’estremo sudovest della Sardegna. Tanto allenamento, nuove moves e il forte legame con i ragazzi del posto lo hanno spinto a scegliere lo spot freestyle più […]

    29 Agosto 2013
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