Rick Jendrusch

    FREEDOM – an action sports shortclip about it

    Freedom! In this video Max Matissek Windsurfing and I describe our definition of freedom! All windsurfers know this feeling! Thanks for the amazing edit Max!! Rick Jendrusch (H-120)

    2 Aprile 2015

    Australia 2014 Rick & Dieter

    Rick Jendrusch (H-120) and his last trip to Australia together with Dieter Van der Eyken B35

    23 Febbraio 2015

    one day @ Ouddorp

    Rick Jendrusch , Ruben v/d Sluis and Nick van Ingen having fun on the water around their home ! see some of the action here that day. greets!

    16 Dicembre 2014

    Summer Routine – Rick Jendrusch

    http://vimeo.com/109477178 “A normal day on the Brouwersdam is my Summer Routine, I enjoy life and have fun on the water. I went to work and the wind start blowing, I’m lucky that my colleges are so friendly that they say “okee rick you can go surf”! So let’s go! I made this video together with […]

    21 Ottobre 2014

    Dieter van der Eyken & Rick Jendrusch in Brazil 2013

    Locals Dieter van der Eyken and Rick Jendrusch went togheter to Soa miguel do Gostoso in Brazil! They trained a lot on al the new moves fo the upcoming season! Check it out and watch the action! Do you think they ar ready for the PWA here in Holland? Special thanks to Ruben van der […]

    8 Aprile 2013