South Africa

    Mid Air in South Africa

    Thomas Traversa waveriding at Misty Cliffs and Haakgat, South Africa music: Mid Air- Paul Buchanan filmed and produced by double4productions

    15 Marzo 2016

    Andrea Franchini in SOUTH AFRICA

    SOUTH AFRICA wave riding testing new equipment 99 board, severne sails , Maverx mx100, Al360 boom, Dakine …. FILMED BY ADELE FROLA

    8 Marzo 2016

    The Sunsets Made in SA

    My new video The Sunsets Made in SA, is not only a windsurf movie, but is a small part of my special moments in that wonderful place… Have Fun and Thanks for watching 🙂 CIAO… ANDREA MARIOTTI

    4 Giugno 2015

    South Africa 2.0, Bastien Rama

    Hello Everybody , Here is my last shortclip the number 14 . This year I went to South Africa , Cape Town for three weeks. I joined Adrien Bosson there. conditions were good, but not as good as we hope. We were able to enjoy good days of wind. A big thank you to our […]

    2 Marzo 2015

    Cape Town shortclip

    7 weeks of killing, slaying, blasting, riding waves in the early windsurf season of South Africa. The first time we were in Cape Town, but definitely not the last! It was a journey rich on experiences, new friendships and lots and lots of windsurf! Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederiksen

    22 Dicembre 2014

    Cape Town South Africa, Heleen Muijsers

    Last winter I traveled to one of the worlds most famous windsurfing destinations. While riding some beautiful waves in the South Atlantic Ocean, pulling myself into some forwards and back loops a dream came true. The stunning lakes close to Cape Town provided us some loving freestyle conditions to enjoy and learn some new freestyle […]

    1 Aprile 2014


    Since a few years a small group of friends around Fabi Weber travels down to South Africa to have fun on and off the water… The weather was generally a bit different than the last few years. The evenings were usually quite fresh – so we have had to wear a sweater and sometimes a […]

    25 Febbraio 2014

    Beautiful South Africa

    You will find my last short clip, but this time i’m behind the camera. I broke my foot there during a windsurfing session on the lake. So i decided to do a video on my good friend Adrien. In this video I’ve tried to show you some landscape of South Africa and the beauty of […]

    24 Febbraio 2014